003 Three Tips To Making Habits Stick – The New Wild Media QuickCast 3

The New Wild Media QuickCast 3 – Three Tips To Making Habits Stick

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At the beginning of each year we tend to want to start over.

I’ve learned how to make a real difference by being smart about how I form habits.

In this episode of The New Wild Media Broadcast, I give you three tips that can help you reach your goals. They’ve been very helpful to me, and they help me feel much more positive about accepting new challenges.

Highlights From This 4 Minute Episode

  • How objects in your space can help you make a new habit.
  • A super simple trick to make habit-forming easier and make them feel better.
  • An African proverb to remind you how to go far.
  • A smartphone/mobile app to help you stay accountable to yourself and to others.
  • How a Halloween skull named Maury helps me remember to stay focused.

Your Challenge

  • What objects can help you remember to stay focused on your goals?
  • How can you super simplify your tasks to help you get more positive feedback?
  • Who can help hold you accountable to your personal development?

Episode Links

My Brave Bot from World Domination Summit (WDS) 2014
The Lift.do / Coach.me app available in both the Apple App Store and for Android.
My Standing Desk Post here at New Wild Media.

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