005 How One Simple Rule Stops the Overwhelm – The New Wild Media QuickCast 5

Do You Ever Get Overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel like there is too much to learn, know and do and too little time to do it?

I sure do. Most of have felt that way before, and we find ourselves in that position often. (If you don t, you may not be trying hard enough!)

The good news is that I ve learned a trick to make me feel better and get stuff done when I am feeling overwhelmed.

The 80/20 Rule Helps You Get it Done

I first learned about the 80/20 rule when I heard someone say that it s 20% of the people doing 80% of the work. You may have heard that, too.

But, we lifelong learners can also use this rule to help us get traction when we feel burdened by too much to know and do.

Running a business and promoting it online can seem daunting. There are a lot of very powerful tools and techniques that can help you transform your business. But the list can seem daunting if you feel like you have to take it all on at once.

But it Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

The secret is to ask yourself, What s the 20? . In other words, “What is the smallest portion of this that I can do to have the maximum gain?”

So when you are feeling like it’s just too much, and you are crushing your creativity with anxiety, just stop and ask the question.

How I Used “The 20” While Making this Podcast

As you may have noticed (yikes!) the video in this episode has some image problems due to the unbalanced lighting (I did not follow the lighting rule).

I had a choice.

Do I reshoot the video, or do I just go with it? Is the image quality good enough so it will still be of value to my viewers/listeners? Did I get 80% of the way to my goal with this image quality?

The answer was, YES . I could stick with the current image quality and save a lot of time and energy with going with what I had.

I have learned that perfectionism can kill a project. You have be very careful, if you are a perfectionist (like me!).

The 80/20 rule helped me get this episode out the door. It can help you when you need to know, Is it enough?”

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Highlights From This 3:06 Minute Episode

  • We all feel overwhelmed sometimes, so we all all need to know how to deal with it.
  • How the right  What s the 20?  question helps you gain perspective.
  • A short laundry list of all things we have to know and do for finding customers online

Your Challenge

  • What’s your biggest struggle right now, and what’s the
  • Have you found resources that can help you determine the “20” for any given challenge?

Episode Links

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Sean D’Souza’s The Three-Month Vacation Podcast, an awesome series that helps with lifelong business learning.

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