006 What is New Media and How Does it Give You Influence?

New Media vs. Old Media

What s The Difference Between Old And New Media?

When looking at the  difference between New Media and Old Media it really helps to look at one word.


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Why Old Media Had All the Power

Big media companies used to be the ones with all of the influence because they controlled what we read in books, newspapers and magazines, what we saw on TV and what we heard on the radio.

Sure, there were some small outfits but the difference in influence they had was huge.

With computers and New Media, obviously things have changed a lot.

Old media used to have lots of influence because they were the only ones creating media that was consumed by the masses.

Both media production in media distribution were difficult and expensive. Because of this there were only a few companies making the media.

The Cost and Difficulty of Making Old Media

For example, imagine the cost of TV production and distribution: video cameras (The first studio cameras I used in the early 90s cost $30,000 a piece!), TV studios, TV antennas, news teams, cable networks.

The same goes for print, imagine the cost for the printing press the hand made layouts, etc.

New Media: Cheap and Easy

Using the same example of video, you now have the power of a TV studio in your pocket. Your smart phone can be used to shoot video, record audio, edit video, and upload it to the network for distribution. Heck, you can even write your script on your phone, so the whole package is right there.

Because of this ease of production and distribution, the power of influence has been spread out to all of us.

So, What Do You Do Next?

Now that you know why new media is so powerful, how do you begin to tap into that power? And how do you stand out in a very crowded field of people with the same powers as you?

The Power Of Play

You ve got to use New Media tools to understand them and to reap the benefits.

A mindset of experimentation will get you far. Play with the tools and try things to see what works. Stop doing what doesn t work and continue to tweak the things that do.

That s how I ve learned everything I know and I plan to keep doing it for long time.

Your Challenge

  • Use New Media: Showing Up is Half the Battle. Start making videos that have strong production values.

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