2019-11-08 Newsletter

I’m Committing To Pain

I’m going to hike from the shore of the French Broad River all the way to the very tip-top of Mount Pisgah.

That’s an uphill, 22-mile hike in a day.

Do you want to join me up the mountain?

It’s going to be awesome. And hard, too.

Why Do We Commit to Hard Things?

Doing hard things helps us to grow. It helps us get stronger.

It helps us have more meaning in our lives.

You do hard things because you want to create a business that makes your life extraordinary.

It’s why I’m trying to write a whole novel in November.

22 miles is not hard for some people, but it will be for us.

  • We will have to build up to it.
  • We will have to train.
  • We might miss some Netflix.

What’s Your Relationship to Hardship?

In my post Pain is Inevitable But Suffering is Optional, I try to remind myself that I get to choosehow I feel about being hurt.

And our choice makes all the difference.

Even great artists experience pain. The musician Sting went through a serious dry spell until he focused on others instead of himself.

The Wallflower Has Left the Building

Speaking of pain and making music, I faced my stage fright this week and sang and played guitar in front of an audience.

That was rare. And hard.

After it was over I realized I loved it!

And the next time I play one of these few songs will be even easier.

As usual, thanks for listening!

-Dave from New Wild Media

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