2019-11-15 Newsletter

What if We Only Had an Hour to Answer a Life-Threatening Problem?

Albert Einstein wisely said that in this scenario we should spend 55 minutes asking the right questions and the last 5 minutes finding the answers.

As small business owners, we constantly face the problem of answering our customer’s questions.

For example, a simple question like, “What’s a good budget lavallière microphone?” could be answered quickly with a link to Amazon.

But I’m not really helping my customer if I don’t dig deeper.

What’s The Bigger Question and Answers Behind A Simple Inquiry?

It’s not just about a microphone.

The business owner asks, “How can my audience always clearly hear what I’m saying?”

And also…

“How do I buy quality tools without putting a financial strain on my family?”

By Digging Deeper We Find More Meaning

Therefore, with the microphone question my client also asks, “How do I convince people that my products and services are great?”

And, “How can I be seen as a trusted resource to help solve my client’s problems?”

And even more profoundly….

“How can I build a thriving business that gives meaning and purpose to my work life?”

What are Your Customers Always Asking You?

And what are the bigger questions behind those questions?

Can we find more meaning in our own work by being more curious about our customers?

I think so.

Dave Bourne, New Wild Media

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