We Will Never Find Joy If We Can’t Find it Now

We Will Never Find Joy If We Can’t Find it Now

Back in November, I started writing my little fingers off to reach a 50,000 written words goal by the end of the month.

I was happy to have made it, but also a bit bummed to realize there was little to show for it.

I had not published many of those words at all.

So, last week I set a new goal of writing and publishing something every day. This does feel better because I can frequently say, “I published something today”.

Recognizing My Lack Of Joy

But again, this morning I realized that I’m not enjoying the process nearly as much as I would like.

Though I’m proud to say I’ve published seven days in a row, I know I can’t sustain it if I don’t change some things.

BTW, If you’d like to join me, please do because it’s true what they say….

Misery loves company!

Just kidding, it’s not quite misery, but here’s my To-Do list of ideas I’m working on to find more joy in the process.

Find The Fun with Curiosity

I’m trying to remember to be curious. For example, “What would happen if I dictated a note as fast as I can about the very tool I used to dictate.)

Remember It’s Not About the End Result

It’s the process that transforms us, not the ability “to write well” or “to be a great writer”. Those things are nice goals but if I can’t enjoy the moment, I’ll never be happy. The future never gets here, because the here and now is all we ever have.

Write to a Real Person.

If we write to an anonymous “target profile” it will feel probably end up feeling anonymous and targeted. If we write to a person, it can feel like a real conversation.

Make Before You Manage

Thanks to my friend Laura Wade from Circle’s Edge and Tim Ferris, I have a new saying to help me remember that creative acts need to happen early in the day if they are going to happen at all.

Don’t Make Bedtime a Deadline

This one is similar to “Make Before You Manage”. I promise myself I won’t wait till the very last minute of the day, but I am often still tweaking ’till late. Or wondering what’s next for my next day’s post.

Maybe I need a late night Netflix series instead. Do you have any suggestions for the Holiday Break?

Please do NOT say the Hallmark Channel! That’s what the rest of my family will be watching non-stop till Near Years.

On that note, Happy Holidays to you!

I might take off writing the newsletter next week.

But then again, maybe by then it will be a lot more fun.



PS, I’m sorry this note is so long. I didn’t have time to make a shorter one!

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