The 30 Days of Publishing Challenge – Week One Is Done

Week One Is Done

For the last week, I have posted every day to this site. I will continue to do so for 3 more weeks (30 Days is a great amount of time to make a real change in your life). This has taken great effort, and as of yet, the rewards are few.
But this effort is for the long haul. So I must post every day for a while.

Why Post Every Day?

Posting every day to your website may not be a great long term goal. That’s because it’s better to make every post substantial, meaningful and helpful to the reader. I’m not reaching that goal by posting every day.  The posts have been short, and “less than perfect”.
But there comes a time when you have to break the rules.
By posting every day, I have set a new standard for myself. In one sense the standard is low. The posts are short, the videos are more simple than I like. The content so far is not at the top of my priority list, and it’s not my “core content”.
But in another sense, I’ve set a new higher standard. By posting every day, I’ve taken the preciousness out of the equation. I’ve given myself more room to make mistakes, and more opportunities to learn from those mistakes.
Plus, sometimes in life, you have to let go a little. And you have to take massive action, even if it’s on an incremental scale.

Why Done is Better Than Good

Creating anything is a challenge, and birthing a creation into the world can be a scary process. If it’s not scary then it’s probably not worth your time.
So for 30 days, I’ve chosen to show up, be scared and to see what happens when you #staycreative.

What’s the Next Step?

To show up.
To post.
To ship.
To learn from this experiment.

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