A Simple Pic of Why I don’t Like Facebook. A Metaphor for the Walled Garden

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Dont’ Let Facebook Wall You In

Marketing your business on Facebook can be a good idea, but be careful. FB hides itself from search engines like Google and Bing. FB does have it’s own search capability, but it pales in comparison to the bigger engines.
So if you build a platform on FB to communicate to your audience, your content will not be as visible to search engine users potential viewers.
This is also true for Twitter, YouTube, or any other Social Media site. (Well, it’s not quite as bad to use YouTube since it’s owned by Google and it’s the #2 search engine, with Google being #1.)

The Big Ideas

  • Put your content on your own website so that you have control over it.
  • Link to other articles on your site to deepen engagement within your content
  • If you use FB because it’s easy, make your website easy to update, too

Using a self-hosted website solution like WordPress is a good option because it allows you to update easily and frequently. If you are using another system, make sure it’s easy to update and it’s SEO friendly, like WordPress.
You should still post to Social Media sites, but link back to your website’s content to have more autonomy and SEO juice.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all have their merits and if you like them, you should use them to share, learn and find customers.
Just don’t let your main offerings live there and only there.

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