An Example of Free Writing on This Holiday

Today is July 4th, which is a big day of celebration for folks in the USA.

I’m taking a bit of a break from the daily writing with an example of free writing. It’s a type of writing I do on most days.

The benefits are idea generation, improved flow of ideas, and the catharsis of expressing thoughts “on paper” to get them out of your head.

It’s unorganized, free-form and messy. If you have not tried it, you might love it.

So Let the Free Writing Begin! (And Happy 4th of July!)

This is an example of free writing. So In other words, me sitting down at the computer, or a blank piece of paper, whatever scrap I can find, or a notebook, if I’m organized – and this is me writing .Free form. Non-stop, for at least 20 minutes.

On a good day, I write in the morning, before the day begins, though after coffee, because everything is way too cloudy before coffee.

That’s a bit of a small curse that I have to have coffee before writing, but oh what a wonderful curse it is! I love the stuff and will even have a sip now!

The act of sipping coffee s the only allowed act in the free writing ritual. And it’s because it fully supports th repurpose of the ritual! Get that writing done!

Today is July th, a day of business around our house, so Im sitting down to get my daily writing done. I’m going publish my freewritng, because 1) it will save me time and 2) it will give you an example of what free writing is and 3) what it is not. What I mean by that is freewritng is not very organized, or “good” or really mane to be read.

In fact, Im surprised and I hope you are not reading . that was a bad sentence so I will say ti again. I hope no one reads this, because that is not the point. The point is for me to write freely so Ideas flow and ideas form where I did not know I had ideas before.

Frewring is best because it is free meaning there are no restrictions. You dont say, you can’t write that, you can’t think that, because the freedom is to this and write all things.

You also dont stop, you just go go go. I’m cheating a bit today because, as I said it’s Juy 4th here in the USA and it’s a busy day. Im afraid I will not have time to come back and correct misspellings. Heck, to show you true freewritng I should not edit al all. Ok I won’t edit this, This is why Im cheating (back to theorigial idea). In free writing you are supposed to just write. You dont edit at all. Well, I am tying a bit more slowly today because I want to get things right knowing hat I will publish this.

So, I guess it’ nto free writing at all. It’s some bastard form of it with limited freedom. But hat’s ok, Its something I’venever done before and that’s good.

We must push ourselves to do new things.

If I can show you a bit go what’s under the hood of my creative process, then it will be easier to show you more.

(This is the end of the free writing example!)

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