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The Mega List

When we are faced with the challenge of making a short list it’s common for the brain to freeze. Having to make choices is hard. With too many options in this wonderful life of ours, it’s hard to narrow things down. The trick is to not allow the brain to get flummoxed. So don’t make …

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Renew and Rest

As creative people, we push ourselves to do new things. That can be wonderful and exciting but it can also be exhausting. This is normal. Don’t fight it. If you find yourself exhausted, do something different. Renew and rest. Understand the pattern. Acknowledge that ups and downs are all part of the process. Rest. So …

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Interview with Amy Faeskorn

Life coach Amy Faeskorn and I talk about the first steps of her marketing journey. We discuss how your attitudes towards failure and redefining success make all the difference. This is the first episode of the StoryTechWorks “Baselines” series, where I talk to independent business owners about their marketing, their struggles, and their wins. Here’s …

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