How to Make a Great Internet Based Call

Top Tips for Making Internet Based Calls

Internet-based calls are becoming popular so it’s good to know some etiquette and have good form before you make the call.

Being considerate of your guests will bring a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Before the Call

  • Make sure the date and time are in your calendar.
  • Plan ahead and choose a place for the call that’s comfortable but quiet.
  • Turn off things that make noise, like your phone or a nearby fan.
  • Silence the notifications on your computer.
  • If you are new to the calling software, play with the settings to become more familiar.
  • Test your mic and speakers. See the next section for your best options.
  • Adjust your camera so it’s at an even angle to your eyes.

During the Call

  • Use a headset with earphones and a microphone that is close, (but not too close) to your mouth.
  • The headset that came with your smartphone does a pretty nice job.
  • Try and stay mindful of the time.
  • Don’t move around much. It’s distracting and can take away from the conversation.
  • Nodding positively to a comment will show agreement without a need to speak.

Why is This Important?

You and your other callers will have a more positive experience by following these simple guidelines.

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