Easily Make a Personal Podcast on Anchor.fm

The Easiest Way to Podcast

I’ve found no easier way to start a podcast than Anchor.fm.

And, I’ve found no easier way to learn about podcasting than setting up a personal podcast. This gives you a low stakes way to have fun and make mistakes. Take those experiments and learning to your business podcast.

In this screencast video, I cover the following topics:

Why Setup a Personal Website?

As easy, low stakes place to learn and make mistakes.

A Step By Step Setup of Your Account at Anchor.fm

  1. Overview of the Process
  2. Why Use Anchor.fm
  3. Pre-recorded Audio Saved to Drafts
  4. “The Davo Show”, My Own Personal Podcast
  5. Should We Let Anchor Raise Money?
  6. Where Can Your Podcast Be Heard?
  7. Why Copy Anchor Address
  8. Why Copy RSS Address

You can find The Davo Show at anchor.fm

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