Fear, Fall and Fungi – Tips to Get Your Work Out to the World

Stay Creative 2018

I’m Launching a New Project About The Creative Process

And I’m scared to death.

Why This is Good.

Before I get into the details….

Can you relate? Have you ever struggled to get your project out into the world?

Have you worried that no one will care? Do you fear you are making you a huge mistake?

As Seth Godin has pointed out, it often feels like our Amygdala is out to get us.

You are not making a mistake.

And you are not alone. I’ve been publishing videos for 30 years and every time, it’s a challenge. But I know it’s good.

Why Your Fears (And Mine) Are A Good Sign

  • If you are fearful, it means you care.
  • You will not fear what’s already in your comfort zone. So we must push.
  • If you want to push yourself, you must accept the challenge of feeling vulnerable.

Although fear and trembling will come, courage and resolve will also come. Our better, higher selves will ultimately call the shots, as we overcome the fears of our ancient brains, which only want to protect us from being unloved.

Actions You Can Take to Make Positive Change Happen

First, announce to the world that you are committing to a topic. Make a recording. Post a new blog entry. Share on social media. Hold yourself publicly accountable.

Then go all in.

Second, choose objectives that can realistically be reached. Break it down and make it manageable. Give yourself some wiggle room. But commit.

Finally, put dates on the calendar. And announce the dates.

My new Stay Creative Project will officially launch in iTunes during the last week of October 2018.

I hope to see you there!

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