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Module 1 of the BIG CHEESE E-Course

Welcome to the first module of the course, where you learn why it’s called “The Big Cheese” and you learn why creating content for a targeted audience is so important.
If you missed the E-Course Intro, you can find it here.
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Content Summary

Why The Funny “Big Cheese” Name?

The real name of the course is F.E.T.A.S. A very cheesy name, huh?
I use the name because it’s easy to remember since it’s silly. Giving things silly or dirty names helps our brains remember things. It makes things “sticky”.

What Does F.E.T.A.S. Stand For anyway?

F.E.T.A.S. stands for Find, Engage, Trust, Authority, and Share

It All Start With Find

People are using the web every day to help solve their problems, and to gain new experiences.
They are trying to FIND answers, so you have the opportunity to help them.
If you can solve problems and help them gain the experiences they are looking for, you can be a helpful guide for them.
In other words, they FIND you through the content you share online.
They also FIND out who you are, which leads to the next module, ENGAGE.

Action Items

1) Show What You Know

How do web seekers find out about you?
Do they fully understand what you know and how it can help them?

2) Already Creating or Sharing Content?

If so, what content is working and what’s not working? ( I asked you that last time, I know!)
Are you using the words and phrases your target audience is looking for?

3) Have You Identified a Target Audience Yet?

What do they search for and why do they search?
What are the biggest problems or experiences they are wanting?
Are they willing to pay for it?

Email Me A Problem You Have

Again, please email me with your responses or questions. Reply to the E-course email, use this link or the in the email from the end of the video.

Video Transcript

Hey folks! It’s David Bourne from NewWildMedia.com
Welcome to the first module of The BIG CHEESE Guide to Never Getting Lost on the Web. Why Big Cheese, you may be you are wondering? Well, because of the name: the name I call it is “fetas”.
Why do I call it that? You are about to find out in a minute. But the reason I like the name is because it helps me to remember it. It’s kind of silly.
I used to hang out with med students and they would come up with the silliest, and sometime the dirtiest sayings to help them remember stuff. Well, this is not dirty but it is silly.
It’s the “Big Cheese” and I call it FETAS. It stands for this….
Find, Engage, Trust, Authority, And Share.
The first one is FIND.
So, you’ve got a website. You’ve got a social media site like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Something where you are putting content out there and you are hoping that folks will see it so they will learn about you.
This is good. (But….)
We Sometimes Feel Lost
But sometimes we feel like “Why and I doing this? Why am I even bothering?”
If you are not getting results, then it is natural to ask, “Am I just wasting my time will all this?”
And this framework, helps give you the borders. The F the T the A the S (the S is right in the middle, it’s kind of the sweet spot). We will get to that later.
People use the Internet every day to try to solve their problems. Or, to try to fulfill something missing in their lives.
We can be there for them by giving them some answers to the questions.
Or by being there guide.
We do that with content.
F stands for FIND, which means you want to find new customers, You want to find people who are interested in your passions, who want to know what you know.
You can become their guide by showing them what you know so you create content so that they can find you. And then you find them.
Whatever your passion.
That is something that becomes valuable to them, and they will continue to look for you because they are looking for that connection.
So, what’s the next step?

The next step in the FETAS framework is “Engage“.
In the meantime, check below for some action items, some things that you can do to make sure that you are understanding and getting the most out of finding people on the web.
So that other people can also find you. Through your content.
So Long For Now
That’s it!
Thanks for your time. I’m David Bourne. NewWildMedia.com. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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