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Module 2 of the BIG CHEESE E-Course

Welcome to the 2nd module of the course, where you learn why it’s so important to create content that will ENGAGE with your ideal customers.

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Content Summary

The Big Picture of the Big Cheese

This is Module 2 of the F.E.T.A.S. system, but try to remember the whole thing. It’s easy.
F.E.T.A.S. is….

  • Find
  • Engage
  • Trust
  • Authority
  • Share

Having content that helps our customers makes it easier to engage with them on a deeper level.

Why Back and Forth Matters

Your content should attract your audience and help you find like-minded, passionate folks.
But you should not stop there. The Internet works best as a 2 way communication tool. So a back and forth exchange of ideas will get you and your customers farther.
Getting to know your customers will help you to better serve them. As your customers get to know you better, they can begin to trust you more. This can lead to better results for you both.


What tool does almost every online person use every day? Email.
Email is such a great way to engage with your followers. 1) because they are using it often, 2) because it’s so easy and familiar to use and 3) because it’s all about “back and forth”. Hitting the reply button is pretty darn easy.
For example, you will find that I encourage you to email me with any comments or questions about this course, or just about amy piece of content I make. Email is casual and easy.
So send me an email already! david@bournemedia.com Or just hit reply to one of the course emails.

Being Yourself Works

This is one of my favorite things about New Media marketing. Being yourself works.
Being yourself helps you find the right people. You will natural attract the people who “get” you.
It’s also so much more easy and fun! You can stop worrying about who you think “you ought to be” and just relax and have fun!
The more you are relaxed and real with your audience, the more they will relate to you.
And if some audience members don’t relate to you, that’s Ok too. You can’t relate to everybody (it’s truly impossible, if you think about it) and when you don’t fit well with someone, it narrows down your scope and allows you to focus your energy on the folks who do “jive with you” best.

New Media Can Connect Us

In this video I admit that making videos of myself is not easy. But I do it because I know it works. Video and audio are particularly good at showing your audience who you really are.
You can’t fake video and audio like you can fake with text. Do you know this saying?… “On the Internet no one knows that are are a dog.” Well, you can’t get away with pretending you are a human if you are really a dog on video. By the way. I’m not a dog, as the video shows!
Being real makes a difference with the trust your audience has for you, too. (Trust is next in the F.E.T.A.S. series, you know!)

Action Items

1) Are You Using Your Email List Yet?

It took me years of promoting online before I started using my list to talk to folks.
If this is you, join me and get busy!
What’s holding you back? What fears and excuses are you using?
If You Are Already Using Email, Are You Tracking Yet? The best engagement happens when you know what’s working and not working. Tracking your links and email opens can help you learn if your audience is really listening. If they are not, you need to pay attention and make changes.
In the end, paying attention to analytics and metrics helps you give better value to your users, and that is great.

2) How Have You Built up Trust Already?

How can you build on what’s already working?
Is there anything about your writing style or “voice” that can help you engage and build more trust?

3) Have You Identified a Target Audience Yet?

I asked you this one on the last module. Based on your earlier answers, how can your content build more engagement with your audience?

4) Do You “Show What You Know”

Are you creating content that encourages viewers to engage more deeply?
Are you linking to other articles you have written, updating older content with new links, and sharing your social media account links freely?

Seriously, Email Me

Are you sick of me asking you to email me yet!? If so, send me an email and let me know. Ha. Did you see what I did just there?

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IntroModule 1Module 2 – Module 3 – Module 4 – Module 5 – Take Action
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