E-Course – Module 3 – How Trust is Built with Content and Engagement

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Module 3 of the BIG CHEESE E-Course

Module 3. Where I almost shoot my audience the bird!
What is Trust and how do we earn it from our followers?

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Content Summary

Can You Remember What F.E.T.A.S. Stands for Yet?

I hope so. The cheesy, simple acronym will help you stay on the right path through the digital wilderness.
F.E.T.A.S. is Find, Engage, Trust, Authority and Share

What Is Trust?

It’s a feeling we have towards brands, companies and people. It’s a feeling that an organization or individual is out for our best interests; not to rip us off, give us a bad experience, or waste our time.

Marketing That Builds Trust vs. The Kind That Doesn’t.

I used to hate marketing and promotion. But now I love it because I stopped doing the things I hated. Now, I tell stories and help people with content they want. This kind of marketing builds trust and helps get you customers.
Content Marketing is so much better than invasive advertising because it can build trust through engagement with customers. People will actively seek out help, but they will not appreciate an advertisement that interrupts them.

How You Have Already Built Up Trust

No company stays in business for long if they don’t build trust with their clientele.
Being able to identify how your customers trust you can help you learn how to build more trust. And that leads to better results.

Action Items

1) How Have You Built Up Trust in the Past?

If you have happy customers, you have trust. What would these folks say about your work that would lend “social proof”
What kind of “social proof” or signs of trust does your customer look for?

2) What Feelings or Beliefs Do You Want to Promote?

All of your web activity has the potential to bring about emotion. Does your site help your customers believe any of these things?

  • Does your content help your customers in any way (beyond you talking about yourself).
  • Do you show your real personality so folks can get to know the real you?
  • If not, what are your fears around that? What would give you the boost to make a change?

3) Have You Identified a Target Audience Yet?

I know. I’ve asked you this one before. It’s important enough to ask in a different way.
Based on your earlier answers, how can your content build more trust specifically for your defined niche?
Does your target have traits such as “fiercely independent” or “hates monotony”, etc. If you can relate, how can you build on those shared feelings?

Let’s Engage

If email is not your thing, you can find me on Twitter here. I’m on Facebook on occasion, too. I just don’t do much business building there. (Giving links to your other content is an important way of deepening customer engagement, by the way.)

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