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Module 5 of the BIG CHEESE E-Course

Why “Share” is the Sweet Spot of the Framework System

You remember all of the framework parts by now, I hope…
F.E.T.A.S. is Find, Engage, Trust, Authority and Share
Share is the last in the system for many reasons.
Just like the letter “S” in the English language, the S in F.E.T.A.S. pluralizes and maximizes everything else.
Sharing makes all your Findable content and your Engagement bigger and better, leading to more Trust and more Authority.
Sharing is all about amplification because it’s what we do when we get excited about something we like. We tell others about it.

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Content Summary

Why We Share With Each Other

Social Media Links may be the first thing we think of for online sharing, but it’s much bigger than that.
The real power of sharing comes from our motivation to help each other and to learn from each other. It’s a referral system and a teaching system.
In the online world, this is called “digital word of mouth”. It’s a natural tendency to want to share with other people, and as I say in the video, sharing makes the world go round.
We Share to Spread Great Ideas: Because ideas are worth sharing and we want to be helpful and valued.
We Share to Give Thanks: We want to give back to those who have helped us, and we want them to know that we are still listening and supporting what they do.

How Giving Away Your Expertise Can Build Business

Sharing is a Way To Give Back and Build Community. When we forward a link, click a like button or retweet a helpful post, we not only give to our larger community, we give back to the person or group that created the content in the first place.
This Digital Word Of Mouth is a referral system that helps builds the Giving Economy and Helps Everyone Who Participates

Why I Give Back to Nature and Outdoor Business Folks

I’ve chosen to help nature and outdoor based business owners because I strongly value what they do and why they do it. I share their deep passion for wildlife and for getting more people into the outdoors.
By sharing my expertise, I can help this group spread their stories and together we can amplify our passions. By adding my expertise in New Media to their experiences in the outdoors, the end result is much greater than what we could do on our own.

Action Items

1) How Are You Sharing Other People’s Stuff?

You customers can find value from many sources, not just you.
What other sources of information will they find helpful? For example, if out of town visitors need local information, what can you share with them that they can find useful?
Make a list of all your customer needs and think of how you can help them with each thing. Then find a way to to share that online.

2) How Are You Sharing Your Stuff

Are you creating content that your customers find valuable?
Are you engaging enough to know what’s really helping and what is not?

3) Are You Willing to Give Your Expertise Away For Free?

In the giving economy that we now live in, giving part of your expertise away for free can be a great way to get loyal customers.
If this idea is new to you, where do you resist the idea and where does it make most sense?
What are you willing to give away and what do you want to always be paid for?

How has this Course Helped or What’s Missing?

Send me a question or comment so I can improve this course.
Reply to the E-course email, use this link or the in the email from the end of the video.
See you next time!

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