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E-Course INTRO – Take Action

Course Intro Action Items

1) Do You Ever Feel Lost?

What makes you feel lost when you promote your web projects?
Is it when you update your website?
Or when you are using social media?
Or, does collecting email addresses seem like a waste of time?
Nobody can do every single thing perfectly. So, it helps to make a list and get it out of your head.

2) Are You Already Creating Content?

If so, what content is working and what’s not working?
Are you getting the results you want?
How are you measuring, and do those measurements really show what you need to see?

3) What’s your Biggest Area of Frustration?

If you could have one thing clarified for you, what would that be?
If you could fix one thing, what would it be?
Perhaps you need more clients, more exposure, or more conversions. Knowing and expressing what’s holding you back is usually the first step towards understanding how to get around your obstacles.

Module 1 – FIND Action Items

1) Show What You Know

How do web seekers find out about you?
Do they fully understand what you know and how it can help them?

2) Already Creating or Sharing Content?

If so, what content is working and what’s not working? ( I asked you that last time, I know!)
Are you using the words and phrases your target audience is looking for?

3) Have You Identified a Target Audience Yet?

What do they search for and why do they search?
What are the biggest problems or experiences they are wanting?
Are they willing to pay for it?

Module 2 – ENGAGE Action Items

1) Are You Using Your Email List Yet?

It took me years of promoting online before I started using my list to talk to folks.
If this is you, join me and get busy!
What’s holding you back? What fears and excuses are you using?
If You Are Already Using Email, Are You Tracking Yet?
The best engagement happens when you know what’s working and not working. Tracking your links and email opens can help you learn if your audience is really listening. If they are not, you need to pay attention and make changes.
In the end, paying attention to analytics and metrics helps you give better value to your users, and that is great.

2) How Have You Built up Trust Already?

How can you build on what’s already working?
Is there anything about your writing style or “voice” that can help you engage and build more trust?

3) Have You Identified a Target Audience Yet?

I asked you this one on the last module. Based on your earlier answers, how can your content build more engagement with your audience?

4) Do You “Show What You Know”

Are you creating content that encourages viewers to engage more deeply?
Are you linking to other articles you have written, updating older content with new links, and sharing your social media account links freely?

Module 3 – TRUST Action Items

1) How Have You Built Up Trust in the Past?

If you have happy customers, you have trust. What would these folks say about your work that would lend “social proof”
What kind of “social proof” or signs of trust does your customer look for?

2) What Feelings or Beliefs Do You Want to Promote?

All of your web activity has the potential to bring about emotion. Does your site help your customers believe any of these things?

  • Does your content help your customers in any way (beyond you talking about yourself).
  • Do you show your real personality so folks can get to know the real you?
  • If not, what are your fears around that? What would give you the boost to make a change?

3) Have You Identified a Target Audience Yet?

I know. I’ve asked you this one before. It’s important enough to ask in a different way.
Based on your earlier answers, how can your content build more trust specifically for your defined niche?
Does your target have traits such as “fiercely independent” or “hates monotony”, etc. If you can relate, how can you build on those shared feelings?

Module 4 – AUTHORITY Action Items

1) What Kind of Authority Are You?

Or, if this question seems though, think of it as this: what kind of authority could you be to someone who knows less than you do about a subject?

2) How Are You Showing Your Authority Online?

If a newspaper reporter wanted to do an article on your area of expertise, how would they find out about you?
If you wanted to amplify that online, what could you do to make your authority more obvious?
Don’t forget that search engines work with keywords. What top keywords would the reporter find you with? Does your content use those words yet?

3) What Kind of Social Proof Have You Got?

Think in terms of online and offline. If you don’t have much of an online presence yet, how can you change that and how can you represent your offline proof of your skills and knowledge?

Module 5 – SHARE Action Items

1) How Are You Sharing Other People’s Stuff?

You customers can find value from many sources, not just you.
What other sources of information will they find helpful? For example, if out of town visitors need local information, what can you share with them that they can find useful?
Make a list of all your customer needs and think of how you can help them with each thing. Then find a way to to share that online.

2) How Are You Sharing Your Stuff?

Are you creating content that your customers find valuable?
Are you engaging enough to know what’s really helping and what is not?

3) Are You Willing to Give Your Expertise Away For Free?

In the giving economy that we now live in, giving part of your expertise away for free can be a great way to get loyal customers.
If this idea is new to you, where do you resist the idea and where does it make most sense?
What are you willing to give away and what do you want to always be paid for?

How Has this Course Helped or What’s Missing?

Send me a question or comment so I can improve this course.
Reply to the E-course email, use this link or the in the email from the end of the video.
See you next time!

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