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What Does “THAT” Mean and Why Should You Care?

Sometimes, you need a little perspective when you come across a new term.
That’s why I created the New Wild Media Glossary. It’s my perspective on all things that relate to staying creative, online storytelling and promoting your projects on the web.
You won’t find formal or objective points of view on these topics. That would be way too boring to write and to read, don’t you think?

Some Example Definitions For You

Audience is always the best place to start.
Hostgator, a good entry level web host if you still need one.
New Media vs Old Media and how to tell the difference.

Why Bother With A Glossary?

The Glossary is a place for me, as New Wild Media’s main author to write on a regular basis. When I learn something new, I will write it down in the glossary to help you learn about it, too. This also helps me organize and process my thoughts about the subject.

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