Hello Twitter Users

Bournemedia twitter Jan 2017

Hello Fellow Twitter Users!

If you found this page, chances are it’s because you found me on Twitter.

Howdy! I’m glad to connect with you. If for some reason I’ve not found you back, keep pinging me ’till I wake up. I do a lot of napping, and so should you!

Twitter is one of my favorite platforms for connecting with interesting like-minded folks on the web.

Here’s the Quick List of What I’m Up to On The Web

You Can Also Find Me Here, if That’s Better for You

Why Do I Have a Page for Twitter Users?

I believe in being hospitable, whenever possible.  Having a page just for one specific group of folks is a way to show that you care.

When we pay attention, and treat each other like fellow human beings (not clicks, not stats) it makes a tiny difference. And tiny over time adds up to a lot.

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