HostGator Defined


What’s HostGator?

Your website needs a home on the web, and that usually means “buying web hosting”. HostGator is one of the two options I recommend for hosting, depending on the current deal.
Buying web hosting is really much more like renting, though. In fact, It’s like renting an apartment in an apartment building. The “building” is the the web server and your “apartment” is your space on the web.

Why use the HostGator Apartment Complex Then?

In a word; value. It’s a good host that I’ve used for many years and they offer major deals. In fact, the Black Monday deal can be as much as 75% off normal pricing. (

Will it Work With WordPress?

I would not be telling you about HostGator if it did not work with WordPress. I’m pretty much all-to-the-wall WordPress t New Wild Media.
It’s a very easy install at HostGator, with the Fantastico installer. Just a few clicks and you have a basic site that’s ready for your content.

I Like it Enough to Sell It

Yep, I will rent you an apartment on the web. I am an affiliate for HostGator, BlueHost and New RainMaker (which has much more features and more expensive). HostGator and BlueHost are very comparable, but the bigger deals like Black Monday are not quite as good at BlueHost. You will hear me say I like both of them, and I like to give folks options.
Click here for the latest HostGator Deal. If you are not seeing at least 20% off with this link then let me know because I can usually get you at least that much off.
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