How Good Distractions Keep Us from Making Great Things – Episode 002

Stay Creative Good Distractions Keep Us From Great Things SCP002

Is a Good Life Good Enough?

We live in amazing times. Technology has opened up many new worlds for us to explore. We generally consider that a good thing.

Until we suspect the good things we are doing are not enough.

An example is how I use Facebook. It’s a good thing that all too often keeps me from doing the greater things I want to do.

The Good Side is Good

At its best, Facebook is a good way to catch up with other people and see what’s happening in their lives. In this way, it seems to foster community building. And that’s a pretty good thing.

But The Bad Side is Not So Good

But is “pretty good” enough?

No. Not when you look back on your life and see that you have not done the great things that you wish you had.

Even good things can become distractions when they keep you from doing and making great things.

So, How Do We Change This?

In this 2nd Episode of The Stay Creative Project Podcast, I talk about How “good” New Media can keep us from better things.

In particular, it seems to keep me from bringing my ideas out into greater realms where they can contribute to the greater good.

This Podcast Episode Contents

  • How a nightmare helped me realize I was becoming too unfocused while driving.
  • How to use a very common distraction as a reminder to do greater things.

When you hear “The Ding”, pause to remember your main thing. – The Creative Way Today

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