How To Improve The Quality Of Your Video Production With More Signal + Less Noise

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Youtube Videos With More Signal And Less Noise

How Do You Improve The Quality Of Your Youtube Videos?

First, make sure you don’t annoy your audience.

If we annoy them they will go away. So the answer is to give them more of what they want and less of what they don’t want.

Use a High Signal to Low Noise Ratio

This principle of the Production Process is most clear in audio production where the “good” sound is usually a voice or a musical instrument.

The “noise” is usually an unwanted sound like an air conditioner, street sounds, leaf blowers, or an electronic hiss.

It’s Not Just For Audio

Thankfully, this principle works equally well in other production scenarios.

High signals of quality voice.
Low noise from distractions.

High signals of light and balanced color on faces.
Low distractions from glaring lights or too much orange or blue.

High signals of a clear message.
Low on tangents and off-topic discussions.

High on delivering value that the customer needs.
Low on our self-focus, self-consciousness, and neediness.

This is Part of a Bigger Production Picture

To see how good video production fits into a larger system for improved Digital Marketing, see the series here on New Wild Media called the “7 Phases of Production”.

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