Interview with Scott Perry Part 1 of 2- Episode 005

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Scott Perry of Be Creative On Purpose – Part 1 of 2, Episode 005

In this interview, Scott Perry and I discuss how creativity flourishes best within a community and how inspiration is not something that just happens. We have to prepare for it by sitting down and doing the work on a regular basis.

His ideas are heavily influenced by his strong interest in Stoic philosophy.

When I first met Scott, I knew immediately that I wanted to interview him for my new Stay Creative Project Series.

Scott’s approach to the creative process is well thought out, as you will hear in the podcast.

Find Scott Perry Online

BeCreativeOnPurpose is the best place to find Scott’s two books, his coaching services, and his newsletter. If you sign up for that he will send you the first few chapters of his book Endeavor for free.

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The Stay Creative Project is designed to help content creators stay inspired, so we can keep making great stuff to help us change the world.

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