How Know Like and Trust Makes Good Marketing

Know, Like and Trust: The Best Kind of Marketing

After many years of doing online storytelling, I have to come to like marketing more and more; but only when I can frame it in a human context.
This is largely because of the concept called “Know, Like and Trust”.

For me, this concept displays the essence of good marketing. “Know, Like and Trust” allows me to see that marketing can be the beginning of a positive relationship, instead of being a negative “salesy” push to get something sold.

To Know…

By creating helpful, thoughtful communication online, your audience can learn who you are and how you can help them.
Does your customer know you? Do they know what you know?

Do you show them what you know with good, helpful, thoughtful articles, videos or audio that shows you understand their needs?
On the other hand, if customers don’t know you, they are very likely to get their help from somewhere else.

And to Like…

We all want to be liked, and yet we know we can’t be liked by everybody.

Does your online communication convey enough of your personality that people will like who they see?

If this sounds scary, keep in mind that the folks who do not like your style may be folks you would have a hard time working with, anyway.

So it can be OK to turn some people away.

In the end, what matters is that we be open and vulnerable enough that we show our uniqueness. And it matters that we show we care about the people we want to help.

Is to Trust…

How do you come to trust someone? Don’t you first have to know them? At least in little ways?

If you know them, and like them, then the trust can come and the exchange of value can happen.

So try to be yourself, show what you know, and help as much as you can with good stories and helpful advice.

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