How Landing Pages Solve Marketing Problems

How Landing Pages Help

Get better results from your web marketing by focusing on personal storytelling content that helps your customers.

Landing pages are a way to have more control so you can feel confident your content is easy to find on your website.

What’s a Landing Page?

Landing pages are web pages on your site that your community can go to for help. They typically contain “Core Content” that you provide to your users.

For example, let’s say that you run an triathlon training studio but you also make videos for home training. Your video landing page can serve as a simple reminder and placeholder for your home instruction videos.

The simplicity of the landing page placeholder is very powerful because it saves you time and keeps your clients happy.

How This Helps in the Real World

When your client says to you at the end of class, “Hi very busy instructor, with a full plate, can you send me that video on that thing you just talked about in class?”. An easy thing you can say to them is, “Sure, just go to the web address, ““.

The phrase, “forward slash video” is the link to the page you set for videos on your site.
This is great because both new and existing customers can easily find and watch your stuff. This helps them get a better idea of what you know and who you are so they will “Know Like and Trust” you.

Get Physical With Landing Pages, Too.

You could also hand your client a business card with your web address on it and write in the landing page link “/video” at the end of the address.

The business card method gives them a physical reminder they can use to jog their memory. And it’s also an easy way for them to refer you to their friends.


How Could You Use Landing Pages?

  • Do you need to get better results with your web marketing?
  • Is your core site content easy to find?
  • Is your website helping customers on a regular basis?

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