Make Your Work More Meaningful in 2019

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Cut Through the Clutter with a Creative Quest for Meaning

Most of us in the modern world struggle with the distractions of the day to day.

We are blessed to live with the conveniences of machines, automation, and electronic connections, but the constant stream of information is often very overwhelming.

One antidote to this overwhelm is to know there is a bigger purpose to it all.

I made this video to announce that I’m going to work harder towards this goal of helping others find more meaningful work with others in 2019.

Is This a Promise?

No. I won’t promise you will find meaning. But I can promise it will be a lot of hard work. And that the work will be worth it.

Transcript of the Episode

[0:03] Hey friends it’s David Bourne from and I am doing a quick one minute (Ok, it’s really five minutes!) explanation of my business New Wild Media, it’s taken a new direction in 2019 and explain what I’m working on, so here goes.

There’s (my dog) Gracie sleeping (on the floor beside me) by the way.

Helping People Find Purpose in their Work

[0:51] This is for my and underneath the surface of all of my work I’m trying to help people find meaning and purpose.

I’m trying to do that through their work, whether that’s their main work, their daily work that they are already doing, or to work on a side project and to further develop something on the side. Maybe it’s an idea that it’s just been bugging them for a long time and they want to flesh it out.

Feed the Internal Spark

So they want to take that spark that’s in them and make it something bigger and greater. So how do you do that? Well, you feed the spark you… you give it air… you give it attention and that spark can grow.

That’s what I want to do is help people, find more meaning and purpose in their work. So how do I help people do that? Well, I help them by building habits and doing the daily practice.

[1:55] And I think that by doing something daily we can get a deeper understanding of what that spark is… what that meaning is, that we are trying to work on. Because sometimes it’s not obvious. In fact, usually, it’s not obvious.

The Daily Practice of Publishing and Sharing

So if we can practice daily and work on that and build habits then we can get deeper and deeper into that and so I realize what I want to do is to help people publish daily.

[2:29] Publish something out to the world that is based on that original idea and so that publishing it could be something that’s written, it could be video (which is what I’m going to be doing by the way) It can be photography. It could be audio… any kind of digital media that helps them to grow this idea …. to work on this idea ….

Because whenever we share our ideas with the world we get closer and closer to that understanding of what that is and we get a deeper connection to that purpose and to that meaning.

From Spark to Shining Light

So it takes that original thing, that spark… you take that spark and we eventually turn it…we transform it into a shining light that can help change the world can transform us and can transform.

[3:36] Our communities… where we live and our greater world can be transformed into something better by our active daily participation in it.

Learning and Growing in Small Groups

So what I hope to do with New Wild Media is to provide community support through building a community where we help each other do this.

[4:09] And also by just taking my understanding digital media … something that I have done for years. Taking my understanding of digital media, the techniques that I’ve learned through the years, the tips shortcuts.

If you going to be working on something daily you’ve got to be really focused, so ultimately this will all contribute to the greater good.

Wrapping Up

[4:36] So that is the plan. That is the new understanding that I’m having of in 2019.
Again, I’m David Bourne and you can find me a

And I hope you’ll join me on this journey for finding deeper meaning and purpose in your life, in our lives together. All right. We will see you out there.

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