Audience Defined


Why Audience Perspective is Critical

Call them viewers, readers, listeners, or content consumers: this is your audience. They need to be in the forefront of your business thoughts at all times.
Have you got a story or a helpful tip? Ask what your audience is looking for, and give it to them in a way that suits you, too. The best work in the world is done when your passion meets another person’s needs.

Audience Means People

Audiences are made up of individual people. And those people want to deal with other people, not brands or static websites full of facts. Audiences are customers and buyers who want to hear what you have to say because they need help seeing a topic from an insider’s point of view.

Start Early with Audience Focus

Any discussion I’ve ever had with a client about promotion and storytelling has always had the word “audience” in it and the word came up very early in the conversation. If your conversations with media or marking professionals don’t have the word “audience” in them, you are probably wasting your time and money.
It’s never about what you have to offer. It’s always more about what the audience wants or needs. Start with the audience, and then you can find happiness and prosperity in helping others.
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