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Dive and SCUBA News for the 2nd Week of 2016:

This “Learning Diver News Post” helps SCUBA divers, free divers, snorkelers and underwater enthusiasts stay updated, keep informed and inspired with weekly news nuggets from around the world.
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As a new diver, I’m learning there is a lot going on out there in the dive world.
Here’s the cream of this week’s crop.

Dive More Better

Safety’s always first, so see 7 Mistakes Divers Make: And How to Avoid Them at DAN’s Smart Guide to Safe Diving.
If you didn’t do the 7 things just mentioned, you may want to know How to Overcome Panic on a Dive.

Small Thinking Kills a Great White

Accidentally caught in a fishing net, a Great White Shark died after 3 days in captivity in Okinawa aquarium.. “Many visitors had asked us to exhibit the great white shark,” says a representative.
My guess is that they knew the shark would die, but they put it in the tank anyway.

Deep Critters of Note

You may have heard that some fish can reproduce without a partner. It’s miraculous, but it’s old news. This, however is new news.
A First: Virgin Births Seen in Two Generations of Sharks.
In other words, both the baby and the grandbaby didn’t need a daddy. Or something equally miraculous like that.
In other shark news, a newly discovered shark species gets the awesome common name “Ninja Lanternshark”, plus a cool scientific name in honor of Peter Benchly, (Etmopterus benchleyi) the author of “Jaws”.
You’ll need to be at 4700 ft to see one, though.
Florida Manatees May Come Off Endangered Species List, which means we might be able to bother them legally, now. Think twice about that one.
Here’s a list and description of 8 Endangered Marine Animals we should all know about.

Action Cams, Still In Action

The action camera market is still growing because there are two or three people on earth who don’t have one yet. Sony, who has a ton of video camera experience have a new one out. Sony Announces New HDR-AS50 Action Camera
Meanwhile, GoPro Slashes 7% of Its Workforce after a huge drop in action camera sales. I guess those two or three folks without action cameras really don’t want them, after all.

Location, Location, Location!

How about this dive list? 10-foot hammerheads, loggerhead turtles, large French Angels and a 10-foot sailfish. If it sounds good, consider a trek to the East coast of Florida and learn How to Plan a Weened Dive Vacation in Florida.
And if you go, take this Diving in Palm Beach County, Florida travel itinerary with you.
If Florida in the winter is too warm for you, come visit my home-state and the 6 Outstanding Wreck Dives of North Carolina.
Don’t miss the Top 100 Readers Choice Awards of The World’s Best Scuba from Scuba Diving Magazine’s readers.

Way, Way Down

A second underwater shipwreck is discovered in MH370 Airline search, this one at 3,700 meters down. That’s even farther than that Lantern Shark!

Related But Different

Entrepreneur and ultra marathoner, Jesse Itzler, gets schooled by a Navy Seal and learns that our bodies and minds are much more tough than we think. Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet shows us that when we think we are totally done, we are actually only 40% of the way done.

Last Week’s Dive News

I’m learning there is a lot going on in dive news. So, check out the first week of 2016’s news, too.

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