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Dive and SCUBA News for the 4th Week of 2016:

In Week 4 of my Diving News Update, I look into side mounts, reef destruction and restoration, and making sure your SCUBA gear and international travel and is safe.

Spare Air

Lets face it. We humans are fallible, which is a reason that sharing air from a buddy has built in problems. That’s why I’m researching alternative SCUBA air systems like pony bottles and spare air containers.

It also explains Why Sidemount Diving is Not Just for Tec Divers.

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Flaws in Your Gear?

Another thing that’s fallible: your SCUBA gear. Periodically running a product recall search for “SCUBA” at the Consumer Product Safety Comission will make you more confident your gear is not fatally flawed.

Dive More Better

So, back to that moment when you run out of air…. You need to get someone’s attention fast and it will be good to know all about the Top Underwater Signaling Devices to Keep You Safe While Diving.

Can You Travel Well?

Since many of the 100 Best Scuba Diving Sites, Operators, and Destinations are in tropical locations, make sure you have your Info on Shots and Vaccinations for Scuba Diving Travel.

Plus, moms-to-be need to make sure they know Where to Find the Zika Virus and learn all about how to treat small kids and yourself at the CDC’s Zika Q&A Page.

What About Those Other Dangers of Travel?

Egypt and the Red Sea are well known for top notch diving, but it’s also known for terrorist attacks. You may be wondering: Egypt: Is It Time To Visit The Dive Resorts?.

According to this, the tourists have been scared off for so long, “If you do decide to visit, you are pretty much guaranteed some of the best Red Sea diving since before the turn of the century”.

The locals have lost a LOT of business, so take it with a grain of salt, but here’s a Personal Plea By UK Dive Guide In Egypt.

Stop Spearfishing for SCUBA?

Usually, I support conservation groups, but this time we need to make sure the moves are not too drastic. Is it a Good Idea or Not? Florida Group Proposes A Ban of Spearfishing on Scuba.

A Destruction Good For Reefs?

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will use any of his proven philanthropic weight to repair the recent damage down by his huge boat: Billionaire Conservationist’s Yacht Damages Coral Reef.

Maybe Allen can jump start project firsts like this: Researchers Get Captive Corals To Reproduce In The Wild.

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