Pain is Inevitable. But Suffering is Optional

“Pain is inevitable. But suffering is optional.” – Unknown Author

This life is full of hard things.

We’ve known that life is painful since the first day of our lives.

But how we choose to deal with pain is how we choose everything.

Do You Avoid Your Pain or See It’s Benefits?

Pain will never leave us, but we don’t have to suffer. We don’t have to wallow in misery.

We have a choice when it comes to how we will relate to pain.

  • Do we dread pain or accept it?
  • Do we fear our suffering or do we acknowledge it?
  • Do we numb our pain with drugs, or distractions or face it with resolve?

This daily writing exercise is painful. Not by a lot, but it’s a pain I don’t have to endure. But the more I do it, the easier it will get. When I choose to accept that pain, I don’t take on misery.

Instead, I see the joy of things to come.

How Are You Learning From Your Pains?

The creative life is a great life, but it’s full of struggle. A struggle most creative people have learned to enjoy.

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