001 Intro to Easy Smartphone Video Promotions – New Wild Media QuickCast 1

The New Wild Media QuickCast001 – An Intro to Easy Smartphone Video Promotions

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In this first issue of the New Wild Media Broadcast I talk about how easy it is to promote your nature or outdoor based business project on the web. Smartphone video makes it possible.

Your audience is searching the web for content and for answers to their questions. If you provide them with those answers and show them how much you know and who you are, you can connect with more customers and improve your business.

Highlights From This 3 Minute Episode

  • This was recorded just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, near my home of Asheville, NC
  • This video was made with just a smartphone to show how easy it is.
  • I did not edit this episode to show how a one take video can still be effective.
  • You can even do it without a tripod (can you see the shakes!?) but it’s not ideal.
  • In future episodes I will talk about polishing our video and audio, and how to make the process easy and seamless.

Your Challenge

  • What kind of messages can you be making for the people that you want to help?
  • What’s holding you back from making content your people are looking for?

Listen to The New Wild Media Broadcast Episode No. 001 below

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