002 How a Small Video Habit Can Help You Improve Your Biz – New Wild Media QuickCast 2

The New Wild Media QuickCast 2 – How a Small Video Habit Can Help You Improve your Skills and Confidence

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In QuickCast Episode 2, I talk about how shooting ANY video can help you create a habit. To be good at anything, you just have to just do it. Any kind of recording will help, so just get started with something simple and you will improve and gain confidence over time.

Making a regular video habit will also help you get over your fears of making mistakes. You will make a lot of them, but they won’t be any big deal. You are the only one who will see them!

In the next episodes, we will talk about making video habits so you can improve your online storytelling and help you find more customers.

Highlights From This 3 Minute Episode

  • This was recorded just off the Mountains to Sea Trail, near my home of Asheville, NC
  • This video was made with just a smartphone (an iPhone5) and a tripod with a strap.
  • Notice the difference the simple tripod makes. Compare this video to QuickCast Episode 1
  • I did a very simple edit in iMovie on an iPhone: I added an image at the start and one at the end. I’ll cover how to do this in a future broadcast.
  • Special thanks to the CopyBlogger Crew, for all their help through the years.

Your Challenge

What kind of topics interest you?
Can you image yourself recording simple short videos of one topic of interest?
If that seems hard how can you break it down even further, so it’s super easy?

Listen to The New Wild Media Broadcast Episode No. 2 below


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