Better Health with a Standing Desk and Balance Board – QuickCast 007

My New Standing Desk: Simple and Awesome

I’ve been sitting way too much lately.
Since this is not good for my back or my fitness, I’ve needed a solution. I’ve tried other spots to make a standing desk, to mixed success. The problem has been that eventually my back will start hurting, even if I’m at a standing desk.
But what if I could stand and move at the same time somehow. Hmmmm…..

Quickcast Episode 007 Shows the Solution to This Question

The Simple Setup: Top to Bottom

  1. Laptop, iPad, notebook: whatever you need to work on at wrist height
  2. Pelican case: which bumps up my device height by 8 inches or so
  3. Regular ‘ole desk: a great drafting table with an adjustable top
  4. Balance board: one with just a small amount of rocker, a Spooner ($45) in this case.

A Good Back and More Activity Helps You Stay Creative

You don’t have to be in good shape to be creative, but feeling good helps me stay motivated. It also helps me get outdoors more, and being outside is my greatest source of inspiration.
If you have a bad back, want to move more and you still want to get your work done, try a standing desk. Throw in a balance board, and maybe you will have some fun along the way.

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