How to Register a Domain Name

Get A Domain Name and Set it Up Correctly

How Domain Names Work

A domain name like “” doesn’t help you unless it’s pointed to the right place.

You get the domain name to the right place with an address, called a Domain Name Server address that looks something like this:

(There are usually two, so if one is not working, the other one will.)

Your domain registrar (Like Godaddy or NameCheap*) helps you point your site to the web host, also called a web server.

Each web server has it’s own settings. The ones I showed you earlier point to BlueHost *, a host I like and use.

Here are the Steps to Register and Set Up a Domain Name:

  1. Buy a domain (we like NameCheap*, but others, like GoDaddy are similar)
  2. Under your domain settings, look for “NameServer” settings
  3. Type or paste in the settings you found at your web server host (If you don’t have one yet, you will do this later.)

(We like and use BlueHost web servers, but I’ve used HostGator, too)

*Bold Disclaimer: The links on this page with an asterisk are “affiliate links” and I make a little bit of money off of each thing I turn you on to.

Does this make me a slimy salesman? I hope not! I only recommend things that I use and love, so you will never get a pitch for something I don’t believe in.

The product is exactly the same if you use my link or not. However, sometimes I can get you a better deal with one my links. If there is a question, just ask me.

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