A Standing Desk Helps You Stop Smoking; Even If You Don’t Smoke



Sitting is the New Smoking

That’s the health catch phrase from 2014 that has stuck with me.
And I “smoke” WAAYY too much.
It’s hard to stay creative and productive if your health is on a decline.

So How Do You Kick the Sitting/Smoking Habit?

You get off your computer or you move your computer and get off you butt. My standing desk is one of the ways I am trying to break the bad sitting habit.
Watch my video on 3 Tips to Making Habits Stick on this site.
Tips to making habits stick

My Setup

  • A wooden shelf from World Market with adjustable shelves
  • 22 in. Dell monitor with proper cables
  • Mac or PC laptop
  • Wireless mouse
  • Padded floor mat
  • M-Audio Self Powered Speakers (at ear height – the sweet spot.)

This setup is great for surfing the web (it’s research!) checking Social Media and light photo and video editing. It’s not great for writing because I am still a touch-typer (gasp).

No Room For a Shelf?

If this setup won’t work for you, just find any place where you can comfortably change your position.
A countertop can work, or even a piece of furniture like a piano (which is where I am writing this post!)
Another option is to use a mobile device for things like checking email or researching on the web.
Just make sure you are not sitting while you use it. That is the key to all of this. Just get off your butt and stop smoking!

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