DSLR Audio

My Current Recommended DSLR Pro Audio Setup I often get asked about gear. This audio setup was configured so 3 or 4 people could be interviewed at one time. With this setup, the audio recorder sends a signal to the DSLR camera’s line in port. Updated Summer 2019 Zoom H5 Four-Track Portable Recorder Amazon Link …

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Interview with Amy Faeskorn

Life coach Amy Faeskorn and I talk about the first steps of her marketing journey. We discuss how your attitudes towards failure and redefining success make all the difference. This is the first episode of the StoryTechWorks “Baselines” series, where I talk to independent business owners about their marketing, their struggles, and their wins. Here’s …

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What Problems Does the Canon 6D Mark ii Camera Solve?

The Canon 6D Mark ii Camera Solves Many Problems Lesser Cameras Have I went for a walk and then the rainy, snowy wintery mix came down. It was a good opportunity to talk about my new camera and to do a product review from the perspective of, “what problem does this product or service solve“? …

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