The Mega List

Having To Make Choices Is Hard

When we are faced with the challenge of making a short list it’s common for the brain to freeze.

This is because it’s hard to narrow things down in this wonderful life of ours. We have so many options in our modern world.

The trick is to not allow the brain to get flummoxed.

So Don’t Make A Short List.

Make a long list.

In fact, make it 10 times bigger than what do you think you need.

If you need five things then write a list of 50 things or if you can’t do that make it 100 things.

It Seems Counter Intuitive, But It Works

Adding lots of entries in a list lets your brain run wild. By telling yourself “I have freedom to do anything”, you can let go of limiting beliefs.

When it’s done, do a quick review and pull out what’s the strongest.

Make it more and more narrow. Then you’ll have your short list.

Add A Big Bonus

In addition to your shortlist, you will also have a long list. And it will be full of many things you would not of thought of had you been forced to stay limited.

So go small to go big.

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