The Surprising Benefits of Using a Pocket Notebook

The Surprising Benefits Of Carrying A Pocket Notebook

This morning I pulled an old notebook off the shelf and read a funny quote from my then three-year-old daughter.

The note said, “in the green car, I heard from the backseat, “Dada, I’m not picking my nose I’m just cleaning something out.”

After chuckling for a moment, I realized how glad I was I had written down that silly moment. I had completely forgotten about it and would’ve never remembered it had I not written it down in a notebook.

Carrying a notebook with us at all times is one of the most creative things we can do.

They do help us remember things, like in the example I just gave you, but the biggest reason is a surprising one.

Notebooks help make us the creative people we want to be.

How Taking Frequent Notes Shape Our Identity

The main reason I carry around a notebook is so that I will use it.

Maybe that doesn’t make sense at first reading, but it’s really important to me that I know that I am a notetaker. This is because it reinforces the fact that I believe in producing content.

We are always going to be consumers of content in this new modern world. But only some of us are going to choose to be producers of content. This is a huge distinction.

By carrying a notebook in my pocket at all times I frequently remind myself that I am creative producer.

How a Notebook Helps Make Progress

If you’re familiar with Tony Robbins, you know that he frequently says that happy people are those who feel like they are making progress.

My pocket notebook helps me feel like I make progress because it helps me remember to generate more ideas.

Putting ideas into pieces of content (like this post) helps my business by connecting me with customers and potential customers.

How a Notebook Raises Our Standards

Tony also teaches us that if we want to make real changes in our lives we have to raise our standards. We have to identify with the person who we want to be.

By having a notebook on me at all times and by using it on a regular basis, I reinforce the fact that I am a producer and that I am a creator.

This is the surprising benefit of having a small notebook and using it every day. If you are not using one yet, I hope you will start soon.

After a while, you too will find those short, frequent actions will start to pay off in big ways.

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