New Media Terms


Pocket, The Best Reader App If you need a great bookmarking app that doubles as a reading app, try Pocket. It’s one of a dozen or so apps I use every day. It works with hundreds of other apps, it synchronizes phenomenally and it has beautiful reading interface. Get it a

Password Managers

Password Managers A password manager is an app / cloud / web based service that helps you remember and keep track of all your passwords. How Do Password Managers Work? Logging into just one service allows you access to all the other sites and services you use. That’s why the top password managers are named …

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New Media Defined

What is New Media? New Media is a term that encapsulates the many forms of digital media. If you can experience it on a digital device it’s New Media. So any kind of text, photo, audio, video, or animation that you could find on a digital device is New Media. Types of digital media devices …

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