Why You Should Be on Twitter in 2017

The Benefits of Twitter

It’s 2017 and Twitter is still a force, despite the immense popularity of competing platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.
Twitter still has the edge when it comes to sharing and connecting on the quick. And it’s still my preferred method of finding those like-minded folks with cool projects you can’t find as easily on those there platforms.
(If you are one of those like-minded folks, by all means let’s hook up @BourneMedia!)
Twitter’s got an inherent openness that says, “come and find me ‘cause I’m doing / sharing / saying something right now! And you need to hear it.”
The other platforms are more closed off, or more focused on other purposes, allowing Twitter to shine in openness and immediacy .

What Does the Tweeting Future Bring?

We’ve heard lots of gloom and doom predictions about Twitter. So, I’ll jump back in with a new opinion in 2018.
In the meantime, I’ll be pulling for Twitter vs the competition. You can hear me rooting at @BourneMedia.

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