4 Ways Your Website Should Engage Readers

How A Good Website Engages Readers

A good website will engage in many ways at once.

  1. Headlines promise to follow through
  2. Helpful Content shows what you know
  3. Links to more of your site’s content engages users even deeper
  4. Personality matters, so don’t be afraid to show yours.

Make a Promise with Headlines, Then Follow Through

If you promise engagement at the very start of an article, make sure you actually give that engagement back later. Be consistent so your reader will not get confused. And keep in mind that headlines are very important on the web. Just ask Copyblogger.

Engage With Helpful Information And A Promise For More

The best way to show your reads you can help them is to “Show What You Know” about your topic. Otherwise, they won’t be able to see how you can help them. If you can help folks enough, they will someday call you a trusted counselor. So make sure your content has plenty of links to reference.

Links To More Content On Your Site Deepens Engagement

When you add an article to your site, make sure it has links going to more of your content. It’s also good to link to other content that’s off site, but make sure you have options to find more of YOUR stuff.
Website design tools like WordPress make it easy to add links, so use them every time you post.

Engage With Your Personality

Finally, remember that people like other people: not companies, not corporations, and not organizations.
If we don’t relate to each other as fellow human beings, we can feel separated and isolated. Do you want your site users to feel that way! No! So, show ’em some love, man!
Your own unique personal ways of being will help your site users with the realization they are dealing with someone who is like them in some ways.
When you show that have also struggled with these same problems, and you have learned how to solve those problems. And now you are willing to share.

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