The Website Setup Series – How to Get Started with WordPress

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Are you Overwhelmed with WordPress Yet?

I hope not, but I understand.
A totally new toolkit can seem like a lot to take on, at first glance. That’s why we are here to help. You can do anything if you take it step by step.
In this multi-part video series you can learn the basics of setting up your website.
The videos can help you get over the hurdles quickly so you can focus on your content and connecting with your customers.

The Episodes in This Series

An Overview of the Basic WordPress Settings

Before you get too deep in the mud, find out what settings matter most.

Should I Use a WordPress Page or a Post?

What’s the difference between the two types of WordPress webpages and why should you care?

How to Effectively Use Images in WordPress

Why are images so important and how do you use them in WordPress?

Not Using WordPress Yet?

Perhaps you still have an older HTML site, or you have gotten hooked on FaceBook. Have no fear, it’s not to hard to transition to a more powerful, flexible and independent site of your own.

How to Register a Domain Name

Watch my video on how domain names work and how to set one up. It’s the first step towards getting your own website going.

Stay Tuned to This Channel

More WordPress How To videos will be added over time.
If you have a request, let me know. I value user feedback and can make videos to help specific needs.

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