What Problems Does the Canon 6D Mark ii Camera Solve?

The Canon 6D Mark ii Camera Solves Many Problems Lesser Cameras Have

I went for a walk and then the rainy, snowy wintery mix came down.

It was a good opportunity to talk about my new camera and to do a product review from the perspective of, “what problem does this product or service solve“?

Problems Get Our Attention

As humans, we are hardwired to see problems before solutions. Yet, as marketers, we all too often jump straight to the solutions and features when we want to try and sell something.

Watch the video to learn more.

How the Canon DSLR Gets It Done

The Canon 6D Mark ii Camera Solves Problems with these Features…

Problem: Will rain or snow ruin my expensive gear?
Feature: Good Weather Resistance

Problem: I can’t frame myself so my videos look unbalanced and bad?
Feature: A Great Front Facing Viewfinder

Problem: The entire image is shakey, so I have to carry around a big tripod constantly.
Feature: An Image Stabilizer that (while not perfect) keeps the image steady so it’s not distracting and thus taking away the power of the story for the viewer.

Problem: The inboard camera mic is noisy and is not picking up my voice or the sound that I need to capture.
Feature: A Microphone Input that easily gets you decent sound quality form a variety of mic types.

Problem: The focus keeps shifting so I’m out of focus half the time. It’s distracting!
Feature: Great Follow Focus and facial recognition

Transcript of the Episode

[0:00] (Rain sounds)

The wintry mix is here. Which is why they closed this (Blueridge) Parkway.

[0:08] So, about this camera. I’m gonna stop (walking) so it’s not so bumpy.

About this camera. What problem is it solving today?

Good Weather Resistance

Well, for me it’s solving the worry that I might be messing up my gear. This camera, this Canon 6D Mark II is about the lowest (price point) you can get in the professional line (full frame).

I’m using a professional L lens too, so I’m not too worried that this precipitation that’s coming down is going to bother the camera, because everything is really well sealed. And the electronics are not quite as susceptible to moisture as one of the one of the consumer cameras would be. So that solves a problem.

A Great Front Facing Viewfinder

Another problem it solves is huge. You can’t really see it … I can’t show you because it’s on the camera itself, but right now I’m looking I can see myself framed in the viewfinder.

A Microphone Input

[1:12] And I’m using a microphone. And those two things together are kind of hard to come by at least in the Canon line so that’s why I upgraded to this camera from, the consumer-level cameras that I was using. And so far so good.

An Image Stabilizer

It’s got a stabilizer so my arm, it’s getting kind of tired holding this camera out. And hopefully it’s not too shaky because the stabilizer is working.

So that’s three problems right there this Canon 6D Mark ii solves for me. Moisture and framing (I can see myself).

Great Follow Focus

It also really does a really good job at the focus. That’s I guess problem number 4. Problem number three was what? Ah, a microphone input.

So there you have it. A good test today.

[2:01] Music.

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