Should You Use a WordPress Page or Post?

What? I thought a Web Page Was a Web Page?

No, it’s not quite that simple. A web page is not just a web page when working with WordPress. The system has to break up the way it handles the two types, so it gives them two names.

But Don’t worry Too Much

It’s no big deal, luckily. There are only two types of webpages in wordpress, and the distinction is pretty simple.

Both look about the same when you create them, but the way WordPress handles them is very different.

When Do I Use a Page?

In a nutshell, the difference is that a “page’ is more static (like your “About Us” page) and a “post” signifies an update (like a blog post).

Static pages, like your “About Us” page can be changed whenever you want, but it’s not ever going to go away. It’s always going to sit there, right on the main menu because it’s so dad-gum important.

For this reason, menus are made out of pages, instead of posts. Learn more about that in my video called “How to Make and Understand WordPress Menus”.

When Do I Use a Post?

So if a page is static, then a post is less static somehow?

Yes. A post will always be on your site (unless you delete it) but it will not always be found in a prominent spot. For example, many sites put their posts on the home page. This is good because it shows that you are updating your site regularly (a great idea!).

When other updates come in, a post will be less static because they will lose their placement at the top of the post list. So, in a sense posts “move” when pages do not.

By the way, wordpress has lots of ways to regain a post’s importance, if you need it to. For example, you can make a link to a popular post appear in a sidebar. Or, you can create a “Readers Favorites” widget and put it pretty much wherever you like on your site.

Clear as mud now?

If the difference is not stuck in your brain yet, watch the video and just start using both types. The difference will make sense, soon enough.

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