It’s Taken Me Ten Years to Write This Sales Letter

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The Video Workshop Enrollment Period has Ended. Thanks for Your Support and Stay Tuned for the Next StoryTechWork Workshops!

If you have found this page, it’s because I sent it to you. It’s meant for people I know would be a good fit for my First Video Workshop.

“The Mighty Video Workshop” will take place the month of May 2019. The forum will remain open for a month after, and will close June 30th.

If I don’t know you yet, please drop me a line and let’s talk before you sign up for this offer. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.

Here’s the letter that took me ten years…

Hi there!

Ten years ago I thought it would be cool to teach people how to make videos on the Internet. 

But it can be really hard to put yourself out there. I know this because I’ve lived it.

So, instead of creating that first course, I procrastinated. A lot.

I took many Online Marketing courses. In the process, I went from hating marketing to loving it.

But Recently, A Shift Has Happened. 

A sense of readiness has come over me.

I got tired of waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect wording, the perfect people. 

But, Then I Thought Hard About That Last Part.

I realized it’s just not true. 


And you are one of them! That’s why I directed you to this note.

And because of that, really I hope you will join me for my first Internet training workshop. 

Have You Ever Imagined Yourself Making Videos?

I will teach you how to make short videos that will make you proud. 

In fact, they will make you into a new person. 

The Person You Want To Be.

The kind of person that 1) has an idea 2) picks up their camera 3) expresses the idea in a clear way 4) and sends that video to the appropriate channel where 5) your Ideal customer audience is eager to hear it and see it. 

And Act On It.

Your videos will connect with your potential customer. It will show them who you are, what you know and what your style is. 

In other words, you get to be yourself. And no one can do things the way you do them. No one can do it better than you because there is only ONE you. 

Why Will Your Customers Love Your Videos?

All those marketing courses I’ve taken and 10 years of online experience have caused me to love “permission-based content marketing”. Customers love this kind of content because it resonates with them.

Your Videos Will Resonate With Your Kind of People

Because the videos will be helpful. And meaningful. And real.

And they will be like you. 

With your true voice and your true message behind them. 

BTW, These Videos Will Not Be Perfect

And you will love that fact because you will learn to embrace imperfection. Because that’s the only way to do this. 

If you don’t believe this part, please don’t sign up for this workshop. There are 10,000 others the Internet that promise you perfect in “a few easy steps”. Try one of those first.

In This Workshop, We Ship

You will ship with bold imperfection on a regular basis and you will do it within a small community that supports you because they will be doing the same thing as you. (With lots of help from me.) 

You will ship imperfectly but boldly and daily and in a way that makes you proud. 

But I’d Rather Make a Podcast!

Oh, you will also learn to make a podcast out of these videos, if you want. I know how to automate that part with a few extra steps. (I use and love an amazing audio automation tool called Auphonic. I will show you how it works.)

Some folks in the class will learn more towards video. Some more towards turning their audio into podcasts. I will teach you both because I see them as Storytelling. And good conversation.

And forward momentum in life and work. And a great way to make more progress in your business!

The Workshop Starts Soon.

The Workshop starts on May 1 and lasts the month. The doors will remain open for several weeks after May, but it’s a month’s worth of content.

Why Now is a Great Time.

This is the last time I will offer this content at this low price.

It’s $100 bucks, (2/3 off the Final price of $299.)

If you need 1-on-1 coaching, it is available, and with a volume discount for those who really want to speed up their creative output and effectiveness.


How it Will Work

There will be screencasts, content modules dropped every week day, live Zooms (at least 2 a week) and a forum where you can ask questions and give and get feedback.

Should I Worry This is Your First Time Offering This?

If you prefer to wait, I’d be thrilled to have you in any future course I ever offer!

But since it’s my first time teaching this particular content online there will be many opportunities to suggest changes and make requests. That means you get help in ways that I may not have thought of yet.

I have been making videos for small businesses and non-profits for over 30 years. I have also taught this kind of stuff at the college level for 4 years and also 3 years at Duke Hospital Dept of Surgery. And I’ve had dozens of happy clients over the years.

I’m not totally new. It’s just the “Internet” part that’s new. 

It’s my first of many marketing workshop to come, so I will bust my ass to make you love it. You get your money back if you don’t. 


If not, then maybe next time! (Websites and still photo imaging are the next courses I will teach). 

Either way, please know that I appreciate you and the work I’ve seen you do so far. 




If you have questions feel free to contact me.

Or better yet, I’d be happy to get on a 15 min Zoom call with you. You can pick a time that works for you on the Sign Up Page.

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